Sunday, October 9, 2011

Candy Time!!

Yes, it's finally time!  (hahaha!)
So in honor of September, my birthday month, and I can't believe it, gaining over 100 wonderful old/new blogging friends I'm going to share some candy.  Some of these have been given to me by lovely and wonderful blogging friends, and some I bought. 

#1 Daisy & #2 Oh Boy Ian Candies

I hope that these items will go to a couple homes where they will be used instead of hoarded/packed away like I tend to do.  Now having these all go to one home would be awesome, but I think I want to give half to another home, so within this picture there will be enough candy for two drawings.  These are the main items and I will throw in some other items that I won't show, so it will be a surprise for the recipients.  Now here are the rules and a twist:

  1. Add your link below
  2. Feel free to add to your blog but NOT necessary to be included in the drawing
  3. (Here's the twist) Become a follower of not my blog, but my friend's blog, who also happens to be giving away a candy of her own: Pixie Boutique and tell her I sent you.  :)
  4. Answer this question:  If you were to win, what item would you like to be included as part of the "surprise" & why?  Who knows you might get your wish.  :)

  • A sentiment stamp

  • Buttons

  • Flowers

  • Gems

  • This candy will stay open for two weeks.  I will use to pick the winners and post it on Monday, October 24th. 

    Mahalo for your support, comments and inspiration for the past couple of years.  I hope you are only here because you like what I share, and find some inspiration, not because of the candy to be won.  Although there is really nothing wrong with that.  (hehehe)

    Happy Sunday!!


    Creations by Shirl said...

    If I was to win I would like the sentiment stamp, I need to have more sentiments that the other's which I have alot......
    Thanks for a chance to win!

    angie ashuk said...

    If I was to win, I'd love to say I'd like more gems....but since I hoard gems, and dont have ANY sentiments stamps, I would like one of those. I'm also now a follower of Pixie Boutique.

    sweet said...

    Hi Leanne! Hey I don't know why my name always ends up lower then everyone else. I guess cause I'm short! :0) Thanks for sending me over to Pixie Boutique, she has great stuff there.
    Ok, I would pick sentiment because most times thats exactly what a friend needs to hear.
    Thanks for the chance to win! Have a great week!

    Mimi said...

    Happy belated Birthday Leanne!!! Hope you had a blash celebrating your special day! ;D

    i would wish for... sentiment stamp! can't never get enough of those! thanks for an awesome chance to win! ;)

    Heidi Brawley said...

    If I was to win I would want a sentiment stamp as my surprise. I love sentiment stamps and am always looking for more!!! I already am a follower. I love your work!! I don't have a blog but I do have a gallery on Splitcoast I left my link to it.
    Happy Belated Bday too!!!
    Hugs, Heidi

    mousekemom said...

    Gah, Leanne, you know I love you! Any embellies is great by can never have too many embellies! Heading to your friends blog now...LOVE YA!

    My Scrap Diary said...

    Happy Belated Birthday Leanne!!! I know a little bit about celebrating late, I like to forget the age I'm turning. Lol. But this year I may be a big girl and accept it. Nah! Who am I kidding. Lol. I've been a follower for quite sone time. Your creations are always cheerful. My favorite was the class picture you created with the greeting farm cuties. Sooo cute!
    Thanks for the chance
    Jess M
    I popped over and became a friend of your friend Pixie.
    Ps. Thanks for visiting me. Oh i my secret choice would be flowers. Thanks!

    Alicia said...

    Hi Leanne, thanks for letting me know about your candy! If I was going to get a surprise I would go for bling! Am a new follower and will pop on over to your friend's blog now.
    Alicia xx

    Michele said...

    Happy Belated! My birthday was in September too! :-) Sentiment stamps are my favorite!

    P.S. Just stopped by Pixie Boutique and became a follower!