Friday, July 31, 2015

Lilo's Fun Friday #92


Happy Late Aloha Friday!  Hope you're all having a great day!

For Lilo's Fun Friday #92 I'm continuing with my calendar shares of Amelia from the Greeting Farm.  I honestly have not been working on anything else. lol.  I've got some other projects in the works and if I finish them I'll be sharing, but for now I hope you're not getting tired of seeing Amelia.  I sure am NOT.  hahaha!

I previously used Amelia OA - Summer Fun in this calendar.  I originally had her colored up way different than what she is now.  Fuchsia hair, green and purple swimsuit, it was pretty bad, (hahaha).  I had to put her aside, but went back to her to give her a makeover.  After choosing this origami paper I decided to go for a different colored hair and outfit and I have to say the transformation is so much better than the original.  Love how Copic markers can do that!!  So after coloring her hair that pretty shade of orange I decided to paper piece her outfit and hair barrettes.  They were the perfect combo.  Instead of a laser cut sentiment I chose one from a well-loved AmyR stamp set.  The rest was put together very quickly.

Amelia (OA Summer Fun)

Okie dokes, hoping you all have a fantastik Friday and weekend!  I'm looking forward to some more crafting time.  Mahalo for stopping by!



Lynn said...

I think the image is a cutie...I haven't seen it before. I love how you used a washi paper for the background even thought the image is not an Asian one. I tend to be very static using Japanese paper only with Japanese images...gotta change it up!

eva said...

that is very sweet! glad this all came together at the end.

Denice said...

Sometimes things look much better in our minds than on paper....fushia hair sounds nice, maybe we'll see it in the future. Amelia is adorable and matches the gorgeous washi paper beautifully!