Thursday, April 16, 2015

Card in a box - Happy Easter


Today I'd like to share the 2nd project we made at Kathy's house.  This cute card-in-a-box is featuring a very familiar bunny from Kitty Bee Designs.  I know Easter is over, but I couldn't not share this...  Here's Linda's project:

Super sweet yeah?  Linda also used stickers to create this fun little scene.  Here's my version using some of the other cute stickers.  

Love that fun bunny in the background!  He's asking, "Got eggs?"  hahaha!  Too cute.  This was only the 2nd project I made for Easter.  Hoping with the next holiday I'll be able to create more.  Thinking I"ll need to start soon!!  Yikes! 

Have a great day and who knows I might have another post later today... hehehe!


Rachel Parys said...

You show-off!!! LMBO! This is so freaking cute!! Now I have got to make a box card!!! Great work!

eva said...

so cute! love these cards in a box creations!

Denice said...

Okay...this is just the cutest...I love this little box card! I've tried making them before and find they are much harder than they look. You rocked this, what a sweet, sweet bunny!