Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update on Farm Fresh Challenges.. PLEASE READ

UPDATE on this past week's challenges:

Hey everyone wanted to post this message from Jessica regarding the TGF gallery and the challenge updates:
Hey everyone,

As we mentioned on the  TGF Blog today, our poor little Gallery is still down.

Rachel had edited the posts to say that if you're just now entering one of our challenges, to please leavea COMMENT on that challenge's post so we can see your creations.  However, it just occurred to me that some of  you had entered and posted in the gallery before it went down-and we CANNOT SEE those cards.

***WE NEED EVERYONE to leave a comment with a DIRECT LINK to their entry on the SPECIFIC CHALLENGE POST that they've entered this past week (even if you've posted to the Galleria already) to make sure we've seen all the entries...thank you and we are SO sorry for this inconvenience!!!!***

BEGINNING tomorrow, if the Gallery issue is NOT resolved, we will begin using some sort of link system...however, as much as some of us LOVE inlinkz, etc. this will be TEMPORARY.  TGF prides itself on our Gallery and hopefully they are hard at work on making sure this doesn't happen again!


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