Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!


Happy Cinco de Mayo and also Happy National Teacher's Day!

My co-worker asked me to make her a last minute gift for her son's teacher.  Yes, last minute as in I got the request around 7pm yesterday and I was still at work!  Eek!  So of course I had to think of something.  I had envisioned something simple, but thought it would be fun to go a little bit more.  After a few hours of procrastination I finally had an idea and started to work on it.  This is the end result...

It all started with an oldie from TGF, a large clothes pin, some doilies and a white pen.  Of course there was a banner involved and some black cardstock to make a nice chalkboard sign.  All the sentiments and words were handwritten and I'm so proud I did not sacrifice any more paper than what you see here.  YAY!

This is the back of the project.  Used a larger doily and a black scalloped circle for my blackboard.  I found this quote on the web.  Google to the rescue.  I even tried to handwrite it just like the banner.  Added another banner with a different word and a shiny red apple.

How about a side view since you can't really tell what it is straight on or from behind?  Yep a humongous red clothes pin that I picked up at Michael's possibly in February.  I finally dusted it off and made something with it.  Woo Hoo!!  Now Pasha's teacher can easily put a picture or a card in the slot at the top.

Thought this tag would make a fun addition to the project and Oliver was the perfect "Pasha" in my opinion.  I found that tag in my desk drawer, talk about SCORE!!  I changed out the sentiment and wrote Special Delivery.  All done!

What it would look like if a picture or in this case the tag would look like inside the top slot.  Yay!  Ok, if I sound a bit loopy it's because I'm literally running on a few hours of sleep.  I'll sign off now, but first I'd like to share this funny teacher quote I was considering on using instead of the one I ended up with.
"Teachers: without them, we wouldn't know how to read, write or CORRECT everyone else's grammar."   
This is soooo Pasha!!  hehehe..  Well that's all for today, thanks to you for stopping by.  I really appreciate the time you take to share your thoughts.  I really look forward to them.  Have a great Cinco de Mayo.... boy I really need a siesta!!  =D


eva said...

very cute and so detailed for something last minute! love the handwritten quote too!

Lynn said...

You outdid yourself again. What a great project that you completed in such a short time. The teacher will love it especially the useful giant clothes pin.

Rachel Parys said...

Aww, man, I gotta get my teacher stuff done!! Thanks for the reminder!! These two cuties are perfect!!!

Heidi Brawley said...

oh wow this creation and tag is Perfect!!!! you Rocked it with so short notice!!!! Great work doll!
hugs, Heidi

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Wow Leanne, gotta say you work great under pressure. Your project is over-the-top. AWESOME!!!!