Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Mothers Day


Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.  It was quite hectic here at our house, that's why I wasn't able to post these on Sunday.  My sis, her DH and their puppy, Sebastian, drove down for the weekend.  My older brother also came home.  It was nice to have everyone at the house.  My older brother cooked a late lunch and then it was soon after that my sis and her little family had to drive home.  While she was here she made my mom a beautiful, queen sized wreath!  My sister is pretty amazing when it comes to designing wreaths.  I'll share the one she made at the end of my post.

These were the mother's day cards I made for my mom & sister.  For the first two cards I had some fun with Distress Inks, watercolor paper, water, a Copic multi-liner and a white gel pen.  This first card I added a sentiment stamp from Taylored Expressions.

I wasn't really sure what I was going for here with the red blobs.  (hahaha)  Some of them turned in to cute hearts, others not so much so I made them in to a bunch of roses, the others I added white hearts.  Totally random, but I love how it turned out.  This next card was really fun to make, again not knowing the outcome of what I was doing I just went with it.

I was sooo surprised & happy after finishing this one.  Again not knowing what the red blobs would turn in to I decided roses would be fun.  The sentiment was cut from the Cricut.  This next one was a spur of the moment card, but I love it!

I used the cut sentiment from the 2nd card and Distress ink to create the cloudy message.   Keeping it CAS I added the tropical flowers using some stamps from MFT, I believe this set might be retired, Tropical Sensations.  The With Love sentiment is also in this set.  Hmmm thinking this layout might not be so bad for some other CAS cards.  Something to think about...  =D

Before I sign off here's the beautiful wreath my sis made...

IRL the flowers look so real!  Love her use of burlap, colored wire, Aloha fabric wire ribbon and those gorgeous flowers.  It's truly beautiful and HUGE!!  Now to find a the perfect spot for it.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! 


eva said...

wow, i love your cards and how you turned blobs into roses and hearts! so pretty! and love the wreaths by your sister. she is so talented!

Denice said...

Wow, some beautiful cards! Love how you turned the red into roses...very creative.

Such a gorgeous wreath your sister made, I bet your mom felt like a million dollars!