Tuesday, April 1, 2014

For the Bride


I cannot believe it's already April!!  Wow, hopefully you won't be falling for any April Fool's tricks.

Saturday was my cousin's bridal shower which meant a perfect time for me to make another card for a special occasion and special lady.   I decided to use Queen from Jess College Fund.  She was perfect for what I had in mind.

Luckily I had colored her up the night before.  I thought using a nice yellow would be fun, and tried to add in some gold highlights.  Well that didn't work out too well, but in the end I think the yellow was a great idea. 

After coloring her up I jumped on to the computer to look for inspiration.  I definitely wanted to go CAS because I was pressed for time.  As I was trying to think of a layout I happened to notice one of my recent purchases (yes, I broke down)  and then a light-bulb went on in my head.  Why not let the paper and image be the focal point? Duh! (hahaha)

That beautiful yellow flower paper is actually washi paper that someone picked up for me.  I love the beautiful shimmer on it, but what I love best is the pretty pattern and colors.  Perfect for a wedding card or in this case a bridal shower card...  The yellow glittery flowers are from Prima, I used them previously on that clothes pin project (HERE).  Needless to say there was glitter EVERYWHERE!!  hahaha, but it's ok because the flowers helped anchor the sentiment which happened to be a bit too big when I printed out.  I didn't want to waste it and where it landed was perfect for me.  Sorry I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures of the card, so you'll have to settle for the one above.

Thought I'd share some of the pictures from the shower.  First we dined at this cute restaurant that used to be someone's house called Hazel's Kitchen.

We sat outside on the front lawn and the tables were decorated beautifully.  It was a really gorgeous day.  We dined on 5 different types of sandwiches, angel hair pasta salad, a nice garden salad and for dessert a yummy/humongous freshly baked snicker-doodle cookie.  Here's a picture of the bride-to-be.  She has the prettiest smile.

This is just one of the fun photo bombs that happened.  It was so classic!!  That's my cousin her daughter and her future sister-in-law... 

Chalkboard printing and crafts seem to be the in-thing right now for parties, I can see why.  It's so darn cute! I was happy to see a lot of it at my cousin's shower..

There were so many cute crafty ideas going on, here are just a few of the cute ideas that I believe were found on Pinterest...  The flower arrangements are all my cousin though...

Here's the table favor, a mason jar glass cup and it had a black chalkboard banner to write our names on.

Lots of cute banners, clothes pins and note cards with letters...  It was really pretty...

After a beautiful day filled with family, food, fun and laughter I asked my sister to take me to the local Hobby Lobby!  It was quite exciting for me as each time I've gone to visit my cousins would tell me about this place but we'd never go because they are closed on Sundays.  So this time I made sure that my sis took me.  It was a family affair, my mom, sister and big bro went.  We dragged my BIL and cousin (the bride's mama) along with us.  Here we are, can you tell who's excited to be going to HL? hahaha...

My sister was funny, she grabbed a cart and I told her I didn't need one. Boy was I wrong!  hahaha..  My BIL kept me company while we walked down each of the paper crafting aisles.  It was fun!  This store is a combination of Michael's, Joann's and Big Lots all rolled in to 1 big store.  It was good fun, but I think once is enough for me, it's sort of overwhelming with how much stuff they have.  Here's a picture for all the crafty peeps who love bling... How about blinging up your office?

Too bad none of it was on sale, I could probably would have got something for a few people.  I've seen a few friends post pictures of their hauls, and since I broke down to buy stuff I thought I'd share a picture too..

I found a lot of things in the clearance section, including those jars.  They were $3, so each jar was $1!   I think I scored on those.  I told myself, it's a good thing there isn't a HL too close to where I live or else I might be in trouble.  Lots of ideas for home decorating. You could possibly turn each room in your home to a different theme if you wanted to.  I wasn't the only one who had a first time at HL.  The young cashier who rang me up was new as well.  It happened to be her very first day and she was nervous.  We had a good long chat while she rang up my purchases, that's when I realized something.  They need to update the way they ring up their merchandise.  Hellur you have sophisticated registers that print on the front and back of the receipt yet you have your cashier ring up every single transaction instead of scanning them?  Something wrong with that picture, no wonder the lines are long.  I guess I'd go again if they were having a really good sale or if I possibly couldn't find something at J's or M's.  But for now, I'll stick to Joann's and Michael's for my paper crafting needs.

Well that's was a long one huh?!  If you made it to the end thank you!!  :) Hope you enjoyed it.  Now I"ve got more cards to make, the end of March and April are going to be busy busy busy.  Have a great day and Mahalo for stopping by!!

Jess Challenge


Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

WOW Leanne, that is one heck of a beautiful shower card. Keeping is CAS sure adds a nice focus on the the pretty washi paper and image. Your coloring is amazing. Bet your cuz was thrilled with her card. Bet you all had a super fun day.

Jenny said...

Ha ha..I do that all the time! I bought that bling office supplies when I went to HL! Total impulse buy but I don't regret it!

Berenice R. said...

Gorgeous card! Thank you for playing the challenge :)

Denice said...

A beautiful card, the bride to be looks just like the image!
What a fun shower...filled with good times and craft items.

Denice said...

A beautiful card, the bride to be looks just like the image!
What a fun shower...filled with good times and craft items.

Kathy Dinh said...

What a beautiful card for a beautiful bride to be! Looks like there was a lot of craftiness going on and tons of FUN! So jelly you got to go to HL! I want to go there one day lol.