Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crafting with Chuck!

Good morning everyone!!
I must be getting back to normal because I've already done 3 daily posts in a row!  It's good to be back.  Today I wanted to share a project I helped my cousin, Chuck, with.  So last weekend my amazing cousin Chuck asked if I would help him with some Thank you cards for his cast members and of course I said yes!  He is assisting with several other people to help produce a musical with cast members from Disneyland and the proceeds will go to charity.  This was one of the easiest projects, but took forever to make.  I think it was because we both were super tired and falling asleep in our chairs.  (LOL)  Mind you we started this project at 11 pm and finished them around 9 the next morning.  We did get sleep in there or else we would have been bleary-eyed and who knows how they would have turned out! (lol)  Anyhoos, enough rambling from me here is what we, or mostly Chuck, created for his cast members...

Our finished project - 26 Thank you cards
I believe we made 26 cards featuring the Flashback poster.  Adding a star to the corner and using the different colored cs was the only thing that was added.  Definitely CAS.  There is a significance to the colored bg papers.  Each color represents a team that directly reports to Chuck.  But everything else is the same.  We went with kraft cs as the base.  Here are 4 of the cards all with different bg papers:
Orange Team

Blue Team

Green Team

Red Team

I did all of the cutting of the papers, punching of the stars and he asked me to write everyone's name in the star.  Can you see the embossing stars on the bg cs?  Chuck did all that using the Cuttlebug.  I think he really enjoyed that part.  Don't believe me?  Well here are some pictures to prove it...

Time to emboss! - Chuck with the Cuttlebug

Embossed and glued!  Check!
And yes I did mention he put them together right?  Here's another picture of him in action, he's so precise!

It goes right there... perfect!
For the inside of the card he wanted something simple.  I chose several stamps for him to choose from and he picked a simple Studio G stamp with the sentiment: thanks ever so much.  He stamped it on the inside flap using white Colorbox pigment ink.  He did a fantastik job, we only had 1 casualty.  He told me that he wanted to get Starbucks gc for them, so he wanted some kind of pocket to add to the card.  I cut yellow squares, scored the sides, used a circle punch on the top and he glued them to the other side of the card.  I also punched out some white stars then wrote in: A GIFT FOR YOU!

Lastly I told him you should always sign the back so they know it was handmade just for them.  Here's how it turned out and yes that's my writing (again) but he wrote in the initials which are for him and two of his other producers.  He wanted to include the others although he made the card.  Just like Chuck to always include others.  :)

Here's another shot of the finished project.  Love how the different colors pop each other.  That was a great choice to add a yellow star instead of just plain white.  Gr8 idea Chuck!!

26 Thank you cards, DONE!

These turned out pretty darn cool.  But the only thing that matters was that he was happy with the end result.

He was supposed to distribute them this week, so that's why I am posting this today, with his permission of course.  So that's how I spent part of last Friday and Saturday morning.  Crafting with my cousin and helping him create these fun cards to show how much he appreciates his team for all that they are doing for the show.  I bet his team will definitely appreciate it.

Alrighty everyone, I've got lots of craft stuff to do, so I'll say adios for now.  Hope you're having a gr8 Saturday morning!!



Creations by Shirl said...

How cool is this Leanne.....
Great teamwork.....awesome project...

sweet said...

I swear cousins are like our own siblings! That's cute that you guys were working together! Great job on the cards!

Amy said...

Those are very cool looking and how fun to work with your cousin! Love the design you guys came up with, the embossing is always a great touch! I can see why he wanted you to hand write the names and the back, your handwriting is beautiful Leanne! And it looks like Chuck has pretty nice handwriting too!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Kim Y. said...

These are fabulous!

Cyndi said...

awesome project you helped your cousin with! love all the details!

Thanh Vo said...

Leanne, you deserve a gold star too for helping your cousin out! These look amazing and he actually really looks happy to have done them. Lol I'm only referring to my boyfriend who looks frazzled and unhappy when he's helping me!