Thursday, February 17, 2011

Store Training

Hello and happy Thursday. I hope you're all enjoying the weather where you are at. It's beautiful today after yesterday's rain.
Today I'd like to share a card I made for my GM trainer at work. If you didn't know I work for a little company called Panda Restaurant Group. If you've never heard of us I'm hoping you at least have heard of one of our restaurants... Panda Express. Well we do what is called store training every year so we can get in touch with the restaurant associates and their duties. We each have a trainer and can be assigned to do any part of running a restaurant. My station was #2, entrees. My trainer just moved from Illinois to L.A. and is currently an associate in our training department. I was very lucky to get assigned to her. Her name is Norma and she was fantastik. We got along right away. After we completed the training I decided I wanted to show my appreciation by making her a card to say Thank you and welcome to the Support Center. I altered Lizzie from Instyle stamps and made her look like a Panda Express employee, namely me. I love how she looks and so much like what a Panda associate looks like in the restaurant. Used a white gel pen to write in the characters matching the apron above. I couldn't get the full Panda Express on the apron so used the shorter version of PX. Kept the rest of the card simple and clean. When I gave it to her she was very happy and surprised. On Tuesday when I got back to work there was a beautiful orchid with a card on my desk. Aw... Inside the envelope was our team picture that we took right before we opened the restaurant.

I included another fun picture of me and my two co-workers. We are done with store training for the year and were really happy about it.. hahaha...
Have a great Thursday and Mahalo for stopping by!


♥Rach♥ said...

How CUTE! What great altering, no wonder she loved it.

So is fantastik like WAY better than fantastic?? ;0)

♥Rach♥ said...

Oh and I forgot to add I love all the pretty stuff on your desk. Did I see Towbow glue sticks??