Friday, October 1, 2010

A card for Erica

Happy Friday!! If you've taken today off to make cards for National card making day, I so envy you. I'm at work today, but will definitely work on some cards when I get home.
Today I wanted to share the other birthday card I made for my friend at work. She loves black & gray, polka dots and stripes so I made her a card using similar elements. This is also the third card where I used Kim Yu's fantastic layout. I'm really hooked on it. lol.
To add a little color I used fuschia in the elements of the flower, button and bling. The image I chose is from TGF's Miss Anya Love series. She's sassy and stylish and really cool. I was having issues with the black floss on this card. I ended up cutting it off and changed it up a bit. Not sure which one I like better. I was digging the black, except for the bow. I changed it up to a white ribbon then sparingly colored with a black Copic marker and twisted it, then glue-dotted the button on top. It turned out ok, but I still liked the black floss more. Here is Erica sporting her Kobari Beef t-shirt. She was very happy with the card, which was a relief since I was worried about the ribbon.
I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and get to make cards today. Mahalo for stopping by and if you get a chance go to a Panda Express near you and try a sample of the new Kobari Beef. It's smoky, sweet & a little bit spicy. :)
Supplies will be updated later


Doreen said...

I love Erica's card...and it's cool you took a picture of her and the card.

Amy said...

Awesome card Leanne, love the punched borders and the pops of pink! Erica looks like she really likes it, it's so nice of you to make your co workers cards!

Berenice R. said...

So beautiful card! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend :)

maribeth27 said...

Erica is a very lucky girl!
Fantastic card Leanne! I love the card layout and the border punched you used ;) TFS!

joni h said...

Love the cards that you've been making with that layout. I may have to try it out! I really like the black/pink combo. I think either ribbon would have worked...the black made the card bolder while the white softened it. Enjoy your weekend!

Cindy Haffner said...


WickedPixie said...

I think both versions look great! :-)Traci