Sunday, October 3, 2010

September 2-card swap Halloween style

Hello eveyone, hope you are having a very nice Sunday. I'm updating my blog and the 1st season of Glee is playing on the tv, via DVD. Sue is getting her Madonna groove on.. VOGUE!!
This post is to share the two very awesome Halloween cards I received from Cyn @ Munchkin's when I signed up for the 2-card swap. The cards I received are from Maribeth of My Secret Little Haven & Grace. (Sorry, I don't have any info on Grace yet, I'm still waiting to find out so I can be a follower. So if any of you know Grace's blog info please leave me a comment. Thanks!)
The first card on the left is from Maribeth, please click here to go to her post. I love all the colors and the cute Sweet November stamp, this card is beautiful! Here is what the inside looks like This is a Joy fold card, isn't it fabulous? Gotta give her props on a wonderful card, not sure I will share it with anyone. hehehe..
For Grace's card you can see the awesome embossing and fun orange and black theme. She did a great job with the MS around punch. I always have trouble getting the correct dimensions on the paper to make it look as perfect as hers. Well done Grace. Now for the inside which totally blew me away.... Drummmmmmm rollllllllll.....
WOW! Right?! I was blown away by this one. It's a pop up card and amazingly done. She used some really cute CC Designs Halloween kids and put them in a cemetary setting. The detail is amazing! She embossed the backdrop with this really awesome cemetary scene. Hope you can all see it in the pictures. I just love it! Grace, girl you got skills!! Thank you ladies for playing in the swap because I would not have received these beautiful cards. MAHALO Cyn for making this happen with your sign-ups. If any of you would like to participate in the card swap just leave a comment here on the Munchkin's blog and Cyn will add you to that month's list. Mahalo for stopping by!! Hugs,


Amy said...

These are two awesome cards Leanne, thanks for sharing them!
Lately, I've been makng my cards while GLEE is playing- it's been really nice! :)

maribeth27 said...

Hi Leanne!
Thank you for sharing my card on your blog :D
I'm very flattered and I also got Grace amazing card from the swap too!

Gina said...

Oh, I love your Halloween cards!

donna mikasa said...

Hi Leanne! Thanks for sharing your swap cards! Hoping to play with Cyn's swap sometime soon!

Kim Y. said...

Hi, Leanne! This is adorable! Very fun card!

twlght prncss said...

Hi, Leanne! I enjoyed making that card. I'm glad you received it (and enjoyed it!). As soon as my blog is up, I'll let you know. Too bad Munchkins is closed. I've met many talented ladies and received beautiful cards through Cyn's swaps.

Gracie W.