Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Whatcha Doin' Wednesday?


The weather is looking pretty gloomy outside, yay!!  Hopefully that means we'll get some rain.  Hahaha!  I know I sound crazy but the past couple days have been extremely hot and I'm thinking we're ready for the weather change.  Plus we need the H2O.

I bet you're wondering about my post subject yes?  So instead of posting tomorrow for #TBT, I thought I'd share something for "Watcha Doin' Wednesday?" aka #WDW.  Yes I totally made that up.

We are celebrating my co-worker's "un-birthday" today.  Her birthday was in February, however she was not here to celebrate because she was on maternity leave.  So we decided to give her an un-BIRTHday party to make up for it.  I know sounds crazy right?  We're all a little bit crazy over here and any chance we get to celebrate we do.  ((hahaha))  Now as I'm the card maker in the group I usually try to make something that fits that individual's personality and I usually try to incorporate favorite colors, etc...  For Mariel, it was a little bit different.  I racked my brain and finally a light bulb came on!  She has the prettiest handwriting and for quite a while she was in to those chalkboard announcements, especially during her pregnancy.  So I thought why not do an ode to chalkboard and pretty letters.  Here is what I came up with using sentiment/letter/number dies and a couple stamps plus lots of white embossing powder...

Turquoise blue is also one of her favorite colors, at least it used to be, so I incorporated it into the design.  The polka dots are white embossed and it's backed by a warm white piece of cardstock and then glued down to the black card.  I cut the Stampin' Up Top Note die twice, once in black the other in the t-blue.  I trimmed the black piece so that it would nest in the t-blue then I added the white words.  Adding the pretty flowers from a RAK from Karen really added the girly touch I was hoping to achieve.  ((Thanks Karen!!))  As I was working on the panel I wanted to add an image but there was no where to put it that wouldn't cover up the words or look awkward so I decided to make an easel card within the card...  Here's the end result...

Ta-da!  ((hahaha!!))  I'm so proud of myself for this addition because I really wanted to incorporate Miyoko somewhere.  Now you can see the polka dot background which I love!  Here's a close up of Miyoko who happens to be the stopper for the easel.

That's just the top of the card, I still haven't shared the rest!  Here is the inside which I think is super CAS compared to the rest of the card!

Tons of space to write our "un-birthday" messages to Mariel and look a peeking Miyoko!  She is sooo sweet!!  Last I had to doll up the back of the card because there was glue stuck to the back.  Thinking I needed something easy I grabbed more black cardstock paper, an embossing folder and Miyoko again...

Another.. Ta-da!!  I love how she looks like a watermark! =D  I've never tried this before so again another happy first for me and I love the effect!  Well I think that sums up this card for today.  I hope she likes it!


Last, I know how much more can I write right?!  ((hahaha))  It's a quote/pic that Eva shared on FB.  ((Thanks Eva))  I for one agree with this statement, I think most of us would agree its something that we all think about when we are creating our projects.  Feel free to share or add to your blog space.  

Ok now, I'm done, hopefully you made it to the end.  If you only stopped to look at pics that's great too!  As always thank you for stopping by!!   Have a fabulous WDW!! 


Denice said...

LOL, love how you made up your own WDW...reminds me of when I was going to school and a friend and I made up TBIM...too bad it's Monday, which I still say it.

Love the quote, so true!

Such a fun easel card with lots of great details, Miyoko is one of my favorite Sister Stamps!

Lynn said...

I totally love that card! All the details are perfect and coordinated. You did a super job and I hope she appreciates all your hard work. I truly agree with your closing sentiment. I know that most crafters would not throw out anything handmade even after decades....LOL!...yeah that's me, the hoarder.

Heidi Brawley said...

Love your super cute card!!!! It's so very fun looking and I just love everything you have going on!!!! What a great bunch of co workers to celebrate her Un Birthday too!!!
hugs, Heidi