Monday, March 10, 2014

Fairy Fae Catches a Star


Oh boy is anyone else out there dragging from the time change?  I feel like I've lost more than an hour and feel like the day is just running away too fast.  Hoping to get used to it as we've got to for the next several months.  Ai-ya!

On Saturday, I joined several other ladies from all over the globe to do a coloring along with the fabulous Alyce of Kit and Clowder.  If you are not a part of the Kit and Clowder following your missing out.  Alyce recently started her own website where you can learn to techniques in Copic coloring or learn some tips and tricks to add to enhance your skills.  She also offers classes on the basic colorings and will give you feedback if you purchase any of the coloring classes.  Click on the Kit and Clowder banner on my side bar to jump to her website and sign up.   You can also find her on Facebook by typing in Kit and Clowder in the search bar.

I have been a fan of Alyce's since I first saw her on the Make It Crafty team.  She has since grown in her coloring skills to become a master Copic colorist, IMHO, and each time I see her finished projects I swoon.  hahaha...  Anyhoos, I hope you'll hop on over to her blog and then her website to check it out.  This was the first time I tried a color-a-long and it was quite fun.  She's really patient and although she really didn't want to reveal too many tips was able to get us all through to the end, with lots of laughs in between.  We worked with the beautiful Fairy Fae Catches a Star from Tiddly Inks.  Here is my end result...

If you have an eagle eye you'll see the big mess up on my coloring even though I tried to hide it.  I've been trying to go back in with the colorless blender to fix it, but it just kept getting messier and started to spread. As with any other mistake I try to hide it, this time with Distress ink.  :)  Not too bad of a job, but you can still see it.  =.=  As soon as I figure out what to do with this one I'll share the finished project.  Oh, I accidentally spilled a drop of water on the lower right corner so I ended up spritzing the rest of the card with water that is why it looks a bit warped and distressed even more than normal.  I actually like it. :)

I learned about highlights, and the "dreaded" pleats, I think I did ok for my first go.  Oh and I learned what stippling is and hope to use that technique in future projects.  Yes, this girl definitely needs lots more practice!  (hahaha) But not too bad.  I wanted to keep practicing so I did another coloring which didn't turn out as nice as the first but I do like how the pleats turned out.  And lo and behold not too many mistakes.  Woot!  I was so happy with how it turned out (well except for the wings, not as defined as the first one) this one went on a card right away.  

I have one more that I wanted to share.  This one is with the same image, but different colors.

I have been enjoying the color combo of blue and green lately.  So I had a bit of fun with her with this tag.  Not too happy with the dress, but I do like how the hair turned out and I did some stippling on the top of the tag.  All in all a fun bit of coloring.  Will definitely keep practicing and sharing.

Thanks for stopping by and if you read this til the end you're very sweet! >.<  Have a great evening!!

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eva said...

all of them are so pretty! i love the way alyce colors too!