Friday, May 18, 2012

Lilo's Fun Friday #28 - A Special Anniversary

Happy Friday everyone!
Hope you all had a good week.  I'm really looking forward to a break from work even if it's only two days. lol!
Today I wanted to share an Anniversary card that my cousin asked me to make for her parent's 25th Anniversary.

I had so much fun making this!  I went for a slightly different kind of card.  Wanted to do an Asian theme.  I dusted off my Cricut for this one.  The kanji and the dragonflies were cut from the Asian Pagoda cartridge.  So happy I got to use it.  See that beautiful frame?  Well that is a Make It Crafty Circle Flourish Frame.  I purchased mine along with a few other MIC chippies from SCACD.  I just love how lovely the finish is on the frame.  I took some silver ink and using a sponge, sponged around it.  I know you can't really tell by this picture, but you can see the shimmer IRL.  The origami paper is from Hanko Designs.  It is a translucent white with silver flowers paper. 

Above is a close up of the frame with the kanji inside.  Glued white washi paper to a red circle and glued that to the back of the frame to give it a nice background for the kanji to stand out.  The 25 was a rub-on (which is slightly wonky) and I wrote in the "th" with a silver gel pen.

Up top I made, with the help of my friend Lisa, a Mizuhiki knot. This knot is called an abalone knot. It's also referred to as awabi musubi, the Josephine knot, or a good luck knot. It's known to be one of the easier Mizuhiki knots to make but darn if it didn't take me longer!  (hahaha)  It was so much fun trying to figure it out how to get the knot to look like the picture.  It was more fun trying to figure it out with my friend Lisa.  In the end we did it and she actually finished this off for me.  The cord is red and silver.  Alongside the knot are two dragonflys which were cut from the Cricut. I thought it was a really pretty way to symbolize their unity. 

Here is the inside of the card, and yes I actually decorated the inside.

I found this sentiment off of the internet, sorry I don't remember where, but you can google Silver Anniversary poems & sayings and you will find it.  Kept the inside simple using the red with the origami paper over top. 

Eek!  This picture is really bad, but since I already sent it out I couldn't retake it.  Oh well, just wanted to show you that I also decorated the top flap with the kanji for "celebrate" on top.  :)

Their actual anniversary was on Wednesday, so I had to make sure that the card got to my cousin before that day.  Luckily my sister was visiting for Mother's Day so it was perfect that she could hand deliver it for me.  Later that night I got a text from my cousin thanking me for making the card.  Her parents also sent me a text saying they loved it.  So happy that everyone enjoyed it including the recipients.  Shout out to my cousin, Anna, for asking me to make this card!  Love ya girl!!  :)

Alrighty, have a great Friday (what's left of it) and a beautiful weekend!!  Mahalo for stopping by!!



Creations by Shirl said...

love the papers and the frame.... gorgeous card!

Kate said...

That is a beautiful card very Elegant. Love it. Have a Great Weekend.


Colleen said...

The anniversary card that you made is so beautiful. Very elegant too. I especially like the paper you used from Hanko. Have a relaxing weekend!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Oh wow,oh wow, oh wow Leanne. What a GORGEOUS anniversary card. Love all the details!!!!!

Sara H said...

Woooow! This is gorgeous!!! Really unique, I love it =)

Mary J said...

Wow, that is so beautiful Leanne! The use of the chipboard and papers are so unique - just beautiful!!

Rachel Parys said...

Wow, Leanne, I'm sure they loved it!! This is very gorgeous and classy. It's very personalized and was made with lots of thought put into it. A wonderful job!

Cyndi said...

Fabulous card! Love the design! I tried to figure out that knot too...I gave up! Yours came out nice!

eva said...

so pretty!! yeah, that mizuhiki is complicated to make! i wish there were better directions on the web.