Friday, July 1, 2011

June SSS - goodies

If you're lookin' for my Farm Fresh Challenge post for FFF Throwback challenge #2 click HERE to get there.  :)


Just poppin' in to share my goodies I received from my Secret Sister for June, Cyndi Kim.  OMG this wahine is super talented and I was so awed by the wonderful handmade items & goodies she sent me.

Am I lucky girl or what?  First up, this wonderful altered note pad using some pretty glittery paper, fun cut outs and the lovely colored, Fancy Anya.  Love the layout!! 

Next up is another fantastic altered coaster which she turned into a magnetic calendar!  Using the sweet Miss Anya from the Miss Love Anya set she set this beautiful scene with that lovely lace and coloring.  Yes, she also sent me a Starbucks gc!

The fun just keeps coming with these wonderful altered clothes pins.  She covered the sides with beautiful washi paper and added tiny magnets to make these pretty card holders.  I just love them!!

Next, (yes there is a few more wonderful goodies to share) is this adorable Lantern Rin stamp from Sparkle Creations.  I have been wanting this little girl for quite some time, how did Cyndi know? hehehe...   I can't wait to use her!

And she also sent me some bling! 

I'm so lucky to have received such wonderful handmade projects and goodies from Cyndi.  Her talents are amazing and her generosity is heart-warming.  Mahalo Cyndi for the very generous gifts and for being my SSS for the month of June.  You are so sweet!!  :)

Sign ups for the July SSS have already begun, so click HERE to get there.  It's a whole lot of fun!
(hehehe, I had no intention of making that rhyme!!  But it's ketchy!!)



Kim Y. said...

These are totally awesome goodies!

Cyndi said...

Hi Leanne! Thanks for finding me before I followed you! glad you can make use of the rin stamp and Glad you like the handmade are very lucky to be on the TGF team! love all your creations! it was fun being each other's SS! have a great july 4th weekend!

pixie_boutique said...

Wow how nice! Loved the washi paper idea and the magnet calendar!