Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank you Joshua!

Happy Saturday everyone! First off thank you all for you encouraging words as well as sharing with me your commitments to get healthier. I believe if we all have some support it will continue to be easier. Great job and Thanks so much for sharing!! :)
I just had a wonderful visit with some family friends and will post some pictures of what we did, but first I wanted to share a card I made for one of the temps at our office. His last day was Friday and I have been wanting to give him a card using Handy Ian. This was my chance. He was actually part of our Bldg Ops team in the maintenance department and when Marie from TGF first released the Handy Ian image my first thought was, "OMG, that looks just like Joshua!" With a few small add-ons I was able to replicate him.
He wasn't just a great handyman and overall nice guy he was also one of the best softball players in our league at work. So for the inside of the card I used baseball Ian and colored him using Jen Shults' awesome coloring with black & white on kraft cardstock technique. Well I tried my best to mimic what she did, but I definitely need more practice. I really like the technique and what I can do with it. I added in a softball in the corner using the same coloring and shading. Lastly my awesome baker friend, Doreen made Joshua a going away super big chocolate chip cookie. Unfortunately he wasn't their to enjoy it since he didn't come into the office. Oh well, we enjoyed it on his behalf and I will be mailing the card to him. hahaha!!
Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to. Will share some pictures and some cards made by some special friends next.

All images by the Greeting Farm

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