Tuesday, March 24, 2015

For the Bride...


Hope you're all doing well.  Today's card was created for my friend's bridal shower.  Of course I waited until that morning to put it together!  

I sure did use a lot of different elements here, most of it pink, paper and pearls.  Lots of dies, and a very cute Uptown girl image.  Instead of the cake I fun-cut the present and popped it in place.  First I wiped away the cake so there were no other lines showing.  Now it looks like Ava is presenting the presents on a platter.   Does that even happen IRL?  Maybe for the queen!  LOL!  

I had fun with the rolled roses, took me a couple secs to start them, then it was quick to roll. The pearls are all from stick pins.  I cut them from the pin with wire cutters and used 3-in-1 glue to adhere.  The pop of green is a nice subtle touch and it matches the smaller gift.  I did not mean to have 2 different pink colors for the roses,  I actually ran out of the darker pink, but I think the contrast adds a nice slight contrast.  Below is the inside panel.  

I mimicked some of the front in the corrugated panel, but because I was running out of time used watercolor paper to create another quick Distress ink watercolor piece.  The sentiment is from Walter&Winnie and I hand-wrote the rest of it. The W&W sentiment was inked, stamped and embossed with white then heat set.  The hearts were stamped using the same pink on top.  It's so pretty!  Oh and that dark pink heart is covering the B2B's name.  

We had a wonderful time at the shower.  It was a beautiful day, full of fun, laughter, naughty things that I won't mention, lots of food, great friends and family.  The B2B was beautiful and she enjoyed herself so much.  The bridesmaids did a wonderful job!  I can't believe the wedding is next weekend!!  Yay!!  I better plan better, going to make the card the night before!  hahaha!  Thanks for stopping by, have a great Tuesday!! 


Lynn said...

I can't believe you whipped this card up in such a short time. You are a crafting wizard! I love all the shades of pink and how feminine it looks. I'm sure the bride will save this card in an album forever.

Blankina said...

So pretty!! And I love the idea of changing the image swapping the cake with a gift!
Hugs Blankina

Denice said...

Such a pretty image...love the pink and presents! Great idea to put the presents on the platter...we should all be treated like a queen!

Rachel Parys said...

Oh, my cuteness!!!! It's perfect!! Love it!!!

eva said...

such soft, pretty colors! and clever little switch with the cake and presents. love the inside of the card as well.