Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Secret Sister Swaps - Catching up!


I'm back to share some swaps & RAKS that a couple of friends made for me for our Secret Sister Swap.  So glad that Kathy resurrected it, it's a small group, but because we know each other it's all the more fun to not only give but receive.  If you're interested in joining the group leave me a comment with your email address and I'll ask her to add you to the one for January.

This post is gonna be choke full of pictures.  First up is my swap from Colleen Kwan.

The theme was Fall and boy did she nail it or what?!!  Loved her bright adorable card and the extras she included.  You can read all the details on her blog post here.  Thank you so much Colleen for the perfect Fall swap!!  I'm so glad we're reconnecting after not seeing each other for so long.  I see you're still busy, but glad you are still cranking out some amazing crafts.

This next one is going to be full of pictures with some commentation.  Karen Inouye was my secret swap partner for November and OMG she went totally nuts!!  hahaha!  She spoiled me rotten with all the beautiful handmade RAKs she sent.  It was like opening a Christmas gift that was never ending.  The pictures are of course in the order that I opened the box, which incidentally was a sweatshirt sized box from Pacsun!!  She recently posted HERE, so please go over and leave her some love.

PACSUN sweatshirt box

Inside what do I see, but an Island Scrapbooking canvas tote, sqweeeeee!!

Underneath the newspaper was another handmade canvas tote from a familiar site!!

First I opened the IS mini tote to see what was inside....

Inside was an adorable RAK, some gems, ribbon, a zipper pull die and some handmade HK items Karen purchased from Jenny Sakamoto from Sister Stamps.  Jenny was selling these handmade altered HK compacts and I believe the clothes pins, although they might have been made by someone else.  I honestly don't remember if Jenny made them or not.  But WOW right?!  And noooo it doesn't stop there...  Check out this amazingly altered mini canvas bag which Karen bought at one of Jenny's craft fairs.  It's gorgeous!!  I know Jenny posted a video of it, so please go check out Jenny's YT channel here if you're not a subscriber then your missing out.  You can also drop by her blog or Sister Stamps blog which is also where she's been posting her vids.

Handmade/Altered canvas bag by Jenny (OMG!!)

Close up of the bag, Look at that gorgeous flower she made and that lace trim!!

Always a professional touch, the lace goes all the way around. Beautiful

Inside the bag was an altered notebook and some pens.  This is the perfect gift for anyone, I'm so lucky that it came to me!! :) 

Next up was the Macy's box.  I honestly didn't think there was anything more, but I was wrong!

As soon as I opened the package I saw Karen's adorable card featuring a LMM stamped image.  It is sooo super cute and I loved her message.

Inside the Macy's box...
Here is the card up close.

Adorable Thanksgiving card featuring a LMM image. Love it!

Isn't it gorgeous?!  She is probably one of the only ones I know who has a ton of dies, definitely I think more than me.  We've joked that between the two of us we could open our own store! hahaha... Loved her card and all the details.  And look she added frantage!!  hehehe, sorry I am easily excited to see that. hehehe..

Close-up of LMM Image and the frantage!! 

Just underneath, packaged oh so carefully, was this beautiful calendar that I recognized.

I opened it to find this beautiful 2015 calendar.  Another creation by Jenny which was sold at one of her craft fairs.  Wow, it's beautiful!!  She has taken shabby chic to another level.  Glad I get to enjoy it. :)  And I know exactly where I will put it up at work.  She really outdid herself here.

2015 Shabby Chic calendar by Jenny

And so did Karen!  Wow, I am beyond overwhelmed with happiness!!  Karen is not only a very talented crafter, she's also a wonderful person, and I'm not just saying that because of this amazing swap.  She is truly a gem.  I was fortunate enough to meet her via blogland and then had the pleasure of meeting her in person last year on my trip to the Big Island.  She's so funny and sweet and super super generous.  You should definitely visit her blog daily, she's always posting something fun that she created or sharing yummy pictures of food.  So happy to call her friend.
Thank you soooo much Karen for the wonderful goodies!!  The fact that they are all mostly handmade/altered make them even more special.  When you give handmade items, even though you didn't make them, you give them from the heart, and for that I am very thankful.  Thanks again my fun-cutting & sale swap sister!!  (hahaha)

Okie dokes, better get going, I have to get to work, but I wanted to share this awesome post with beautiful gifts from Colleen, Karen and indirectly Jenny.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


Denice said...

Wowza, such a generous swap partner...I think the small bag with flower is my favorite. Oh, lucky lucky you....enjoy all!
An adorable fall card too!!!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Hee-hee, hi Leanne. I had fun reading your LONG post. Glad you loved the goodies. Thank you too for ALL of the fun things you gave me as my secret sis for October and when you visited last year. I was in awe! When should we open our craft store specializing in dies? :-)

Jenny said...

Eek! I didn't know Karen was buying that stuff for you!? Hee hee. Glad you liked all those projects. I'm a little embarassed! Hey- Linda and I are going to visit LA in Jan.. maybe we can meet up again!?