Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Many Thanks Jason!


Hope everyone is doing well.  Today I wanted to share a card I finished for one of my co-workers.  She asked me to make a card for one of our other associates, Jason, who has been instrumental in helping a good number of other associates stay fit.  He does it for the love of the sport, not to get paid.  He has been a big motivation and mentor for those individuals who want to get fit but also strong.  I was truly honored that she asked me to make this card for him, especially because someone else suggested they go and buy one from Wal-Mart.  (lol)  He's a really good guy and super nice.  He's always got a smile for you even though his job is very stressful.  I think he works out just to release that stress.  Hmmm... I should take a page out of his book and join them one day... (hahaha)

The group asked for something related to weight-lifting or fitness.  I went to the internet for inspiration and found some pretty funny images, but I wanted to keep it as clean and simple as possible.  I found a couple of really cool pictures on the internet and also a cool quote which to me tied all that he's done for them in one sentence.  So the front of my card was inspiration from the internet...

Fitness motivation tip:
"You can get in shape best and quickest by helping others achieve their fitness goals"
-Felicity Luckey

The card itself is a long one with a pocket in the back.  I'll get to that later.  I found this cool picture of some weights on a rack, it looks similar to what we have in our company gym.  I printed it out and loved that it was a black & white photo.  I found a cool quote online as well.  (Read caption below the above picture) I think its sorta cool that this looks like an old Polaroid picture.  I distressed up the sides with some black soot distress ink and a sponge.  Here's the inside of the card:

In appreciation for all you do to help us stay fit...
We acknowledge you

So I could have stopped here and asked them to sign inside, but I decided to add a pocket to the back and include some tags so if any of them wanted to write a special personal note of thanks or inspiration to Jason they could... So this is where I did a little bit of "crafty" work... (hahaha)

The striped and star paper are from Colorbok.  I used dies from MFT, Tim Holtz & Paper Smooches.  The tags were a bit too white for me so I distressed them up same as above.  Added a red ribbon with a staple and they all fit nicely in to the pocket.  I had a lot of fun putting this one together and my co-worker was blown away when she got it.  She was not expecting that.  Neither was I (hahaha) but I wanted to do something extra special for her and for Jason.

I really hope Jason likes it.  I guess I'll find out next week when they present it to him.  Well that's all from me today.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're all having a really great summer!


Lynn said...

Oh, this card turned out marvelously. I love all the attention you gave to the details. The whole look of the card is extraordinary and I know the recipient will be so pleased with this 100%-better-than-one-from -Walmart card!

Kathy Dinh said...

Omg!! I love your pocket cards!!! they are so classy and still pop! You should so do a tutorial on this. It will be a hit and I am already your fan...=D

eunice said...

Wow! This is SO COOL!!! I really like how it looks like a photo negative...did you use a border punch to achieve that effect? The quote, the photo and the inside sentiment are perfect...but your idea of adding a pocket and tags to the back was absolutely GENIUS!

Denice said...

This is great....love the idea of adding personal notes on the tags. As always, you outdo yourself on every project! I bet Jason and your co-workers loved this card.