Friday, December 25, 2015

25 Days of Christmas Challenge - Day 25 Lilo's Fun Friday #99


It's been a fun filled day of food, friends, and family.  I hope you and your family and the company you are with are having a wonderful day celebrating or just hanging out too.  

It's the final day of the 25 days of Christmas challenge with Linda & Kathy and I'm so happy to say we made it!!  Yay!!  For today's Lilo's Fun Friday #99, my last post of this challenge, I decided to share my beginner's Christmas wreath that my sister was teaching me how to make over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Ta-da!!!  I know it's sooo busy!!!  I didn't know what I was getting in to when I picked those colors, but I really wanted to add the black.  I'm going to ask my sister to help me fix it.  It needs her touch.

I can honestly say that this was really tough to make.  It really takes patience, which I thought I had, and an eye for detail, which I don't have.  (LOL)  This took a bit too much of my patience!  (hahaha!)  I think I'll stick to card making.  :D  But I'm happy I got to give this a try.  I might give it a go again, but this time not so many colors.  We'll see.  Here are a couple group pictures from today with our extended families the Ontiveros & Tanjuctos.

Before I sign off I wanted to take this moment to say Thanks to Linda & Kathy for joining me in this fun challenge.  Could not have done it without their support.  Thank you all for stopping by!

From our house to yours, may you all enjoy the time with your families and count your blessings each day.  Merry Christmas!


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